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Through sustainable practices, our language learners contribute to the growth of the local tourism sector by forming partnerships with the community.

No matter your language needs, we connect you with individuals on a similar language journey, sharing common learning goals and personal interests. This opens the door to lasting friendships through community meet-ups and language exchange, catering to adventurers, food enthusiasts, expats, professionals, academics, retirees, and digital nomads alike.

Explore our FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions about our services and offerings.

Lingoamo offers a personalized language learning experience with AI-tailored lessons led by skilled teachers, focusing on functional skills essential for real-life communication. These sessions provide an interactive and immersive environment, enabling learners to actively participate and receive real-time feedback and guidance.

Absolutely. Our lessons are crafted to address a range of language competencies tailored to individual needs. You can choose from skills such as Speaking, Conversational Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing. This customization ensures that you can focus on the specific areas that matter most to you, allowing you to communicate confidently, understand global native speakers, and master both basic and complex sentence structures with ease.

Our experienced instructors are proficient in their native language, fueled by a genuine passion for teaching, and committed to aiding learners in achieving their language acquisition goals. Each teacher boasts a minimum of two years of teaching experience, underscoring that teaching is not merely a leisurely pursuit  but a dedicated profession for them.

Upon booking a class, a brief profile of the available teachers will be displayed. You have the flexibility to learn from different teachers. Alternatively, if you discover a teacher you resonate with, you can choose to book multiple classes with them. This way, you can maintain a consistent and personalized approach to enhance your language proficiency over time.

We distinguish ourselves as more than a language learning app, operating as an online language platform that facilitates live classes with certified, native-speaking teachers. Our philosophy revolves around the conviction that live interaction with real teachers and personalized feedback is invaluable. This is why we prioritize providing live classes, ensuring tailored learning experiences and authentic human interaction.

Certainly not. Our flexible scheduling allows you to tailor your classes to align seamlessly with your preferences. Whether it’s a session at 2 pm one day or 7 pm the next, the autonomy to design your own timetable is a key advantage that distinguishes our online classes from traditional language schools. Unlike the rigid and recurring schedules imposed by conventional institutions, we empower you to take control of your learning experience and customize your schedule to suit your needs.

All you require is a dependable internet connection and a computer or laptop equipped with sound and a microphone. Alternatively, participation in the class is also possible using a tablet or mobile phone.

With our payment provider, Stripe, you have the option of making a payment using a credit card, PayPal or Sofort / Klarna and a huge number of other payment methods.

Your complimentary 7-day trial commences upon the creation of your account. Throughout this trial, you have the flexibility to schedule up to 3 group classes or 1 1-to-1 classes. Once you’ve completed the free trial, you’ll be automatically billed for the membership plan you’ve chosen. If you remain uncertain about continuing your learning journey with us, kindly ensure to cancel before the conclusion of your trial period to avoid any charges.

If you’ve signed up for our 7-day free trial, ensure you cancel within this period to avoid automatic enrollment in the monthly membership plan. With the monthly plan, cancellation is flexible, allowing you to terminate it anytime through your account, preventing automatic renewal for the next month.

Note: Access to classes is limited to active subscriptions.

You have the flexibility to cancel a class up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson without forfeiting the credit. Upon cancellation, your credit will be promptly refunded, allowing you to reschedule the class for a more suitable time.

Choose a quiet room or workspace to enhance your concentration during the class. Prepare a glass of water as you’ll be actively participating in discussions. Ensure your internet connection, microphone, and audio settings are in order 15 minutes prior to the class. Download the learning materials beforehand and review them.