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What We Offer

Learners have the opportunity to enhance their skills between lessons by utilizing additional tools available on the platform, even in the absence of the live teacher.


General Courses

Lingoamo is a language training platform that allows learners to find teachers to study English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, or German languages online through individual and open group lessons.

Who can learn :

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The best of ALL worlds.
Because people want to learn from people.

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Select from our diverse array of language options to enhance your vocabulary, refine pronunciation, boost fluency, and achieve more language-learning goals.


Language for Business 

Ann Thompson

English, Spanish


Conversational English

James Evans

English, French, Swedish


General Language Courses

Robert Colton

English, French, Spanish

Connect with Fellow Learners

Join our online communities to connect with other language learners, share experiences, and seek advice.

In casual clothes. Portrait of attractive young woman standing in the office with black bag.

lora andrade


Lingoamo not only bolstered my confidence but also greatly enhanced my verbal communication skills. Thanks to this, I successfully secured the job!

Young handsome boyfriend in a blue shirt with a backpack standing in a campus and looking at the camera. Background is blurred.

Victor Dubois


During my gap year in Paris, Lingoamo enabled me to communicate effectively with locals and gain a deeper understanding of the Parisian culture.

Portrait of young happy blogger with modern laptop near stone wall

Jennifer hrade


Always desiring to learn German but constrained by time and shyness, Lingoamo provided the chance to overcome my fears. Now, I’m pursuing an internship in Berlin!