About us.

We are an EdTech Impact Startup on a mission to democratize language learning. Our platform is a unique convergence redefining language learning experience for language enthusiasts worldwide.

Imagine arriving in a foreign country fluent in the local language, ready to pursue your interests, start your job, and connect with the community. At Lingoamo, we tailor language solutions to your unique needs.

But how difficult will the course be?

We leverage AI for customized language courses that meet you wherever you are on your journey. Take a placement test to start now.

How long will the course be?

Our monthly subscriptions empower our learners to take control of their unique learning needs, whatever your goals, tailored to your schedule.

Our Teachers

Select from a diverse pool of thousands of dedicated language-learning enthusiasts, each a qualified teacher from various corners of the world.


michelle Babineau

American English, Spanish

Michelle, a seasoned ESL teacher and private tutor, holds a BA and acquired CELTA certification eight years ago, launching her teaching career abroad. Having completed a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language, she has taught English at various levels internationally, including in South Africa, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Spain.

Specializing in business English and test preparation courses (IELTS, FCE, CAE, TOEFL), Michelle covers all language skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. However, her lessons are meticulously customized to align with individual goals and interests.

Whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced English speaker, Michelle possesses the knowledge and skills to guide learners toward achieving their language objectives.


Jorge Manuel Miguel Marques

European Portuguese, Spanish, English

Jorge Marques, a native of Portugal, is a multifaceted professional with a background in Arts and a Master’s in Marketing and Advertising. Commencing his career as an art director, Jorge collaborated with leading advertisers in both national and international advertising agencies.

A stalwart in graphic design, Jorge has recently immersed himself in the digital landscape of Communication. From crafting advertisements for social networks to honing language skills, he has diversified his skill set to embrace the digital era.

Despite his technological pursuits, Jorge maintains a passion for languages, particularly his native tongue—Portuguese. A purist in language, he finds joy in both teaching and learning. For Jorge, communication is not just a skill; it’s the conduit through which understanding blossoms.

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Teneile Cuffie

British English

Meet Teneil, our English education maestro! Starting her journey in 2007 with a Celta qualification, she cranked up the excitement in 2016 with a Delta qualification. In 2018, she added even more sparkle with the CELT-S&P Primary and Secondary Teacher Training, as well as English for Academic Purposes.

Teneil’s classroom is like a global tour – from the UK to Japan, Ecuador, and even online pit stops! As a Cambridge Suite Speaking Examiner, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of language, unmasking linguistic talents with a smile.

Additionally, Teneil excels in Business English, offering a strategic approach to adult learning. Enroll in her class for a professional and enriching experience in the realm of English education, where learning is purposeful and focused on achieving measurable results.

Teneile passionately engages in a diverse array of pursuits, including traveling to explore new destinations, hiking to connect with nature, attending live music events to savor the rhythm of life, and expressing her creativity through writing.


Michael Wong

English, Korean, russian

Content to be displayed soon.

Our Story

At Lingoamo, we envision a world where language learning is accessible to everyone. Our commitment to democratizing this skill drives us to bridge gaps and create an inclusive platform for learners of all backgrounds.

Lingoamo was brought to life by a dynamic trio with diverse cultural influences. Ronny and David, both hailing from Germany, bring their European perspectives, while Janine, a proud South African, adds her unique skillset to the mix. Together, they form a formidable team with a shared passion for education and cultural exchange.

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Elevate your workforce with our tailored language learning solutions. Empower your team with flexible courses designed for global success, enhancing collaboration, diversity, and opportunities within your organization.